Tourism in Hungary

Hungary has three major touristic attractions. Firstly, Budapest, the capital, located on the Danube’s Bend, is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, a city where there is much to see or to do, lively and beautiful parks.

Another tourist attraction is Lake Balaton, the largest in Central Europe, with beautiful landscapes. Finally, the interior of Hungary is full of small towns that retain their ancient architecture and many of the Magyar’s traditional customs. It is the case of:

  • Győr with its lush center;
  • Fertod where there is also gorgeous palace, dated from the second half of the eighteenth century;
  • Kőszeg, near the Austrian border;
  • Sopron and its Old Town;
  • Siklós where you can find a medieval castle dated from the XIII century, Eger;
  • Hollókő, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site;

and many other sites.

Renting a car and travel around the country is a great choice and experience. This, not to mention the Hungarian culinary, which is very special as well as the wines and beers.

Lake Balaton -sea for the hungarians- with lots of  beautifull beaches, is a shallow lake with an average depth of 3m and, therefore has relatively warm waters. It freezies quickly in winter, because of the depth. Lake Balaton is 77 km long.

Tourism has expanded greatly after Hungary joined the European Union. The hungarian touristic infrastructure is good.

The ideal time for tourism is the period from May to the end of September.

Budapest - average temperatures

Spring (April): Minimum 4º C / 17º maximum

Summer (July): minimum 16º C / 28º C maximum

Autumn (October): Minimum 7º C / 16º C maximum

Winter (January): Minimum -4º C / 1º C maximum

Insurance: It is recommended to visitors to have an ensure before traveling.

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